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Ceud mile failte ……..a warm Scottish welcome to you

We have frequently been referred to as “The Jewel in the crown”. This is perhaps a slight exaggeration, with a more appropriate reference / metaphor being The Inn on Loch Lomond Hotel and our sister hotel the Lodge on Loch Lomond, surrounding our guests with our personal and comfortable interpretation of Hospitality, the precious metals bonding together the jewels of the crown being Loch Lomond.

Our situation on Loch Lomond is without doubt enviable. There are very definitely few places if any at all where you can listen to the Loch lap on the shores, the sun rising before your eyes, all from the comfort and slumber of your bed and pillow. Alternatively, where else could you sit and enjoy a romantic glass of Champagne with your loved one watching the sun set over the Loch?

Personally, we never tire of the scenery, it always succeeds on stopping our day, demanding a moment to stand and appreciate the view. No one day is the same and all our seasons each have their own dramatic appeal. Truly nature at its best.

Whilst we would never try to compete with our spectacular surroundings. We hope we at least compliment them in such a way as to allow uninterrupted appreciation without want or need.


The Inn first opened in 1814, and has retained its traditional charm ever since, serving as a watering hole to generations of travellers, from far and wide. The new Inn on Loch Lomond's 200 year heritage has been honoured with a stylish and contemporary refurbishment in 2008 and now boasts modern accommodation, uniquely stylised public spaces, a fantastic restaurant and bar with natural furnishings and of course a roaring fire.
A short walk from the main building is our Beach House right on the banks of the loch. Each of the 8 bedrooms located there are slightly different in design and offer a little more privacy, quiet and space....the beach house is a very special place to unwind and relax.
The Inn Restaurant & Bar offers an all day dining menu from 12 until 9pm, so whether it’s a light bite for lunch or a more comforting 3 course dinner you are after there is a wide selection of local and seasonal dishes to suit and sample. A fantastic range of drinks is on offer to accompany our menu, wines all available by the glass and an extensive range of whisky and real ales. If you prefer there is a fantastic take-away menu.
Located on the main A82, just 3 miles north of the picturesque village of Luss, you will find stunning views across Scotland's most famous Loch towards Ben Lomond, and yet just over 30 minutes’ drive from Glasgow Airport.

Contact Information
Address - Inverbeg, Argyll, Scotland G83 8PD
Website - www.innonlochlomond.co.uk
Reservation Email - res@loch-lomond.co.uk
Inn on Loch Lomond main line – 01436 860430
Lodge on Loch Lomond main line – 01436 860201
Reception - 499
Night Porter (11pm – 7am) - 499
In case of a medical emergency – Dial 9 then 999
Dentist/Doctor – NHS 24 – 08454 24 24 24
For an outside line – Dial 9 and then the number
For room to room – Dial 1 in front of the room number
See ‘Telephone’ in your A-Z for International dialling codes.

The hotels complimentary wireless internet is available in the main building of the hotel. To access this please select the network InverbegGuest. The password is Inverbeg (password is case sensitive).

Wake up Call
If you require a wakeup call, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our reception team to arrange this for you.

We are a dog friendly hotel, so feel free to bring your pooch along to our restaurant and bar area. We can provide you with dog treats and dog bags while you stay with us.

Room Amenities
You will find tea and coffee making facilities in your room. You will also find an iron and ironing board in the cupboard and a hair dryer in the drawer. If you require any extra’s such as a sewing kit, a toothbrush kit or shower cap, please contact reception on 499 and member of staff will be happy to arrange for this to be dropped at your door.

Checkout is 11am. When you are ready to check out, please call Reception on 499 or let a member of our team know you have vacated to allow us to clean and disinfect for the next guests. Please drop your room keys along with your yellow charge card in our contactless key box which is located at the reception’s main entrance/exit.

Room Charge
Please note that there are no room charging facilities. We accept payment by cash and credit/debit card. Please see your server before leaving the bar/restaurant in order to settle your bill.

Open Monday – Sunday 12pm-12am. Food served 12 noon until 9pm.

Breakfast is served 7.30-10 Monday to Friday and 8-10 Saturday/Sunday. As a guideline, we have given you some extra information on our breakfast flow.
Please come along at a time that suits you best and enjoy our delicious food and the rest of your stay with us!

All Day Menu
The atmosphere is casual and relaxed and dishes you can expect are our wonderful Fish & Chips with house made tartare sauce and chippy chips, there are also more comforting traditional dishes from the stove, or maybe a burger or steak from the Grill is more your thing – we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Our desserts are moreish with the very popular Sticky Toffee Pudding a must try. A fantastic range of drinks is on offer to accompany our menu, wines all available by the glass and an extensive range of whisky and real ales.

Your health and safety is very important to us and in the unfortunate event that a fire occurs, we hope that you will take immediate action and follow our range of security measures! Here’s what you should do;

• If the fire is in your room, make your way out the nearest door and ensure you close the door behind you to contain the fire. Proceed immediately to the nearest available exit route and leave the building. Do not delay your departure and waste precious minutes by collecting your personal belongings – your health and safety is KEY. Make your way to the bottom of the car park adjacent to the hotel.

• If you hear the fire alarm, and there is smoke in your room already, please keep low to the floor and crawl to the door if possible to protect yourself from smoke inhalation.

• If you hear the alarm and there is no smoke in your room, head towards your room door. It will be your instinct to immediately flee, but please first carefully feel your door and door handle for heat…this will tell you if there are flames outside your door. If this is the case, please keep your door shut and place a damp towel at the bottom of your door to stop smoke from entering your room. You will be safer on this side of the door until the fire is tackled!

• If you must stay in your room, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth to protect yourself from potential smoke inhalation.

• Call the Reception desk (Call 499) or anyone you can so they can report the location of the fire to the emergency services when they arrive.

• Turn off any heaters in your room

• Fill your bath with water and pick up any container large enough to bail water on the fire if necessary.

• If you hear the alarm and your door is cool and there is not an active fire outside your door, proceed into the corridor. If you have a clear pathway along the corridor, please make your way to the nearest fire exit and proceed to the BOTTOM OF THE CARPARK located adjacent to the main hotel building. Again, please do not delay your departure by collecting personal belongings. If there is smoke in the corridor, stay low to the ground and crawl to your nearest exit.

• As stressful as this kind of event can be, you must try to remain calm and collected and listen for instruction. We have several trained staff members who will assist you in the unlikely event of a fire. Your health and safety is our biggest concern!

The pretty conservation village of Luss is only a 5 minute walk from our sister hotel The Lodge on Loch Lomond (3 miles South). A member of our reception staff will be more than happy to direct you towards the village.
A settlement has stood on this site since medieval times although much of the current village dates from the 18th and 19th centuries, having been developed to house workers from nearby slate quarries.
With its prim, identical sandstone and slate cottages garlanded in rambling roses, and its narrow sandy, pebbly strand, the village became the setting for the successful TV soap ‘Take the High Road’ which undoubtedly contributed to its popularity during the 1980s and 1990s. For anyone wanting to escape the crowds, the 19th century parish church offers a haven of peace and has a lovely ceiling made from Scots pine rafters and some beautiful Victorian stained-glass windows.
Luss is a popular stopping-off point for visitors exploring the Loch Lomond area. You will find a visitor centre for tourist information on Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park in Luss car park. There are several shops and refreshment facilities located within the village.

Whisky Bible

• The earliest recording of whisky distillation in Scotland is 1494
• Whisky is derived from the Gaelic term ‘uisge bretha’ in turn translated from the Latin term ‘aqua vita’ meaning water of life.
• Three ingredients go into making whisky; these are barley, water and yeast.

The 5 stages in which to make whisky are; malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation.


The barley is soaked for 2-3 days in warm water and traditionally spread out on a malting floor until it begins to sprout and germination begins. Once the barley begins to sprout it is placed into a kiln. It is at this point that the barley can take on flavours, for example, if peat is used as the heat source this will lead to a peated whisky being made. The barley is now called malt which is then milled down to remove husks or debris.


The ground down malt or ‘grist’ is now added to warm water in a mash tun. During this process the warm water begins to extract the soluble sugars in the grist. This process is carried out three times and with each time the temperature is increased. The resulting liquid is called ‘wort’. Only Wort from the first two times is used, the third lot is put back into the next batch of grist.


At this stage yeast is added. The wort is cooled and passed through large wooden vats called washbacks. The yeast then turns the sugars that are present into alcohol. The fermentation takes around 48 hours, although some distilleries will allow fermentation to go on longer to allow for a different characteristic to the whisky. The liquid at this stage is called ‘wash’ and is usually around 5-10%ABV (similar to a strong beer or ale).


Traditionally Scottish whisky is twice distilled (with exception of Auchentoshan). The spirit stills are made from copper and the reason for this is that the copper extracts any impurities that may be in the spirit. The more copper contact, the less impurities in the final product. Spirit stills are a large bowl that stems up into a long neck. Each distillery has its own still design to create their own unique spirit.


Once the still man has selected the heart of the spirit during distillation, it is then transferred to OAK casks to spend a minimum of three years. Only after this can it legally be called whisky. The most common oak barrels used are ones that previously held bourbon or sherry. It is at maturation that the spirit takes on its colour and flavour characteristics.

Within our Bar we have over 50 whiskies and COUNTING! Our aim is to find you your perfect Dram.

There are 5 main whisky regions in Scotland; Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Islay and Campbeltown. Some people would argue 6 (islands) but we have included this in our highland section.

Although the whisky made at different distilleries all have a unique spirit of their own, whiskies from the same region will share characteristics.


This region only has three operating distilleries at current. This region is located in the southern most region of Scotland and considered to produce the lightest bodied of all the Scottish malts.

Auchentoshan is the only triple distilled whisky in Scotland.
Glenkinnchie is known as the Edinburgh Malt, due to it being located just 15 miles from the city centre. When the distillery went bust back in 1853, it was turned to a saw mill before distilling began again in 1881.

Auchentoshan 12 year
Auchentoshan Three Wood
Auchentoshan American oak
Auchentoshan Bar tenders Malt



This is the largest of the whisky regions, due to the vastness of the region itself. The highland whiskies often taste very different from each other, from the very heathery and spicy character of the northern highlands to the fruitier whiskies of the southern highlands.

Glengoyne meaning ‘valley of the wild geese’ is the only whisky that could be identified as both a highland and lowland whisky. This is due to the distillery being located in the highlands and the warehouse across the road in the lowlands.

Edradour is one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland, producing in a year what the bigger distilleries would produce in a week.

Loch Lomond Single grain

Oban 14 year old

Glengoyne 15 year
Glengoyne 18





Glenmorangie The original
Glenmorangie quinta Ruban
Glenmorangie Signet

Old Pultney

Jura Origin
Jura Superstition




Highland Park


Speyside is the centre for whisky in Scotland with the highest concentration of distilleries in Scotland being located here (this is due to avoiding the tax man as it was too remote for him to get to in the late 1700’s early 1800’s). Although geographically speyside is part of the highlands, it is considered a separate region due to its unique characteristics. It is a region known for sweetness and sophisticated flavours.

Glenfiddich 12
Glenfiddich 15
Glenfiddich 18
Glenfiddich 21

Glenfiddich IPA Experimental
Glenfiddich project XX

The Balvenie Doublewood 12 year
The Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14year

The singleton

Speyburn 10



The Glenlivet




Considered the smokiest and strongest tasting of all Scottish malts. The strong flavours in these whiskies are believed to be from the high winds and seas of the west coast. This region is known for using peat to dry the barley. This is what gives the whisky its smokiness, which is measured in parts per million (PPM).

Laphrioaig was the only whisky exported to America during the prohibition; this was due to the belief that it was medicinal. The green and basic white labelling of bottles led to this belief and Laphrioaig was available in pharmacies across America.

Kilchoman machir Bay

Bunnahabin 12

Laphroaig 10


Bowmore 12
Bowmore 15

Lagavulin 16

Caol Ila 12

Smokehead Rock edition

Port charlotte
Bruichladdie Classic Laddie


Campbeltown used to be considered the whisky capital of Scotland when the town had 42 operating distilleries, but it now just has 3 in operation. The whisky from this region tends to be peated, with hints of salt and Brine.

Springbank 10 year old

Our sister hotel The Lodge on Loch Lomond is perfectly situated for a range of outdoor activities and water sports. From hill walking to golfing, jet skiing to cruising, fishing to shooting, and quad biking to four wheel drive, we work with a range of local companies who can help make your stay at the Lodge that little bit more energising. Ask Reception for full details. Call 499
David Marshall Lodge Visitor Centre, Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire, FK8 3SY
Go Ape is an award-winning high wire forest adventure course of rope bridges, Tarzan swings and zip slides up to 40 feet up in the trees. Appealing to a wide range, customers are fitted with a climbing harness, given instructions, and then trek from tree to tree high above the forest floor.
Amazing Days create and deliver fantastic corporate events, team building events, incentives and rewards across Scotland. All of their events are completely bespoke, tailored to the client’s tastes, requirements and budget.
www.lochlomondshooting.co.uk T: 01413541322 or 07748075222
Cruise Loch Lomond T: 01360 870241

Airport telephone Information
Prestwick Airport T: 08712230700
Glasgow Airport T: 08700400008
British Airways T: 08444930777
BMI T: 08706070555
Continental T: 08456076780
Easyjet T: 09058210905
Ryanair T: 08712460000

Loch Lomond Aquarium
Based at Loch Lomond Shores. T: 01389 721500
Special guest rates available, contact hotel reception for more information
Call 499
Our bar stocks an extensive range of Scottish Whiskies, wines, beer and other spirits.
Help yourself to our breakfast buffet served Monday to Friday from 7am to 10am in Mr C’s Restaurant and Bar. At weekends breakfast is served from 8am to 10am. If you would like to have breakfast before 7am, please contact the restaurant.
Call 499
Bike Hire & Boat Hire
Can You Experience T: 01389 602576
Cycle Luss (Electric Bike Hire) T: 07588393919 info@cycleluss.com

Beau Jangles T: 07919823221

Dumbarton Castle T: 01389 732167
Inveraray Castle T: 01499 302203
Stirling Castle T: 01786 450000
Champagne & Chocolate dipped strawberries in bed perhaps? Call 499

Checkout is 11am. When you are ready to check out, please call Reception on ‘0’ or let a member of our team know you have vacated to allow us to clean and disinfect for the next guests. Please drop your room keys along with your yellow charge card in our contactless key box which is located at the reception’s main entrance/exit.

£1.00 per day will be added automatically to your final bill, this helps support Inn on Loch Lomond’s Hotel’s nominated award charities. This is completely discretionary so should you wish, please ask for it to be removed from your bill on check out.

The nearest chemist is:
Boots the Chemist, Helensburgh T: 01436 674059
Open Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5.30pm.

St. Mungo’s Episcopal Church T: 01389 752633
Sunday 9am and 11am & Wednesday 10am
Main St, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 OBN
Vale of Leven Baptist Church T: 01389 757471
11.30am and 6.30pm
Bridge St, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 OTA
Methodist Church – Alexandria T: 0141 952 1772
Sunday 11am – 12pm noon
Albert St, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 0AB
St. Kessog’s R.C Church T: 01389 753080
Vigil Mass Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 9.30 & 11.30am
Balloch Rd, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 8LQ
Bonhill Church of Scotland T: 01389 756516
Sunday 11am
Main St, Bonhill, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 9AF

Luss Parish Church – Church of Scotland – Scotland’s prettiest church T: 01436 860230
Sunday 11.45am – 12.45pm www.lussonline.net
Contact Numbers
Housekeeping 8am – 4pm Call 499
Room Service 24hrs Call 499
Night Porter 11pm – 7am Call 499
Reception Call 499
Credit Cards
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Switch and Maestro
Cruise Loch Lomond, Tarbet T: 01301 702356

The Local Dentist
Margaret Colvin B.D.S. T: 01389752000
The Old Post Office, Bank Street, Alexandria
NHS 24 T: 08454242424

Lomond Doctors
Vale of Leven Hospital T: 01389 754121
North Main St, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 0UA
In case of medical emergency Call 999
Auchentoshan Distillery T: 01389 878561
Glengoyne T: 01360 550254
Oban Distillery T: 01361 572004
Email – Hotel res@loch-lomond.co.uk

Carmen Trout Fishery T: 07801 684578
Renton, West Dunbartonshire
Loch Lomond Fishing
Alan Gibson T: 07786233332
Carbeth Fishery T: 01360771006
Ferries – Hebridean & Clyde
Caledonian MacBrayne T: 01475650100

Festive Breaks
Check our website for the fantastic festive packages www.innonlochlomond.co.uk

Gift Vouchers
Treat yourself or your loved ones to a Inn on Loch Lomond Gift Voucher – presented in a stylish gift box and bag, we can design a gift to suit your budget.
Available at www.loch-lomond.co.uk/giftvouchers and at reception
Call 499
Golf Courses
The Carrick T: 01389 713655
The world class 18 hold golf course “The Carrick” is located a short distance from the hotel and opened on the 1st of June 2007. Challenge, variety and playability have been carefully integrated into the design to ensure an exciting and enjoyable golf experience for golfers of all abilities. Multiple tee placements on each hole provide a tremendous variety in yardage ranging from 5,200 yards from the forward tees to more than 7,000 yards from the championship tees.
Call the Golf Pro Shop to book. Golf shoes and Golf Clubs can be hired.
Aberfoyle Golf Club T: 01877382493
Vale of Leven Golf Club, Alexandria T: 01389 752351
Balfron Shian Golf Course (After 7pm) T: 01360 440037
Cardross Golf Club T: 01389 841754
Drymen Buchanan Castle Golf Club T: 01360 660307
Drymen Strathendrick Golf Club T: 01360 660319
Dumbarton Golf Club T: 01389 732830
Helensburgh Golf Club T: 01436 674173
Loch Lomond Golf Club T: 01436 655555

Guest Comment Card
We are pleased to hear your comments, please fill out your comment card and pass to Reception.

Hair Salons
Josef – Helensburgh T: 01436 678293
Open Tuesday to Saturday 9.10am – 5.30pm
50 Shades Hair Salon – 8 Leven Street Alexandria T: 01389 757430
Open Monday to Saturday, 9am – 5.30pm
Hill House – Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Open every day 1.30pm – 5.30pm T: 01436 673900
Upper Colquhoun Street, Helensburgh G84 9AJ

Horse Riding
Argyll Adventure T: 01499302611
Inverary, Argyll, Scotland, PA32 8XT

A & J Cochno Livery Stables
4 West Cochno Holdings, Cochno Rd, Hardgate, Clydebank, Dumbarton, G81 5QQ T: 01389 873337
Colgrain Equestrian Centre T: 01389 842022
Cardross, Dunbartonshire
Duncryne Equestrian & Trekking Centre T: 01389 830425
Little Duncryne Farm, Gartocharn, Loch Lomond, G83 8NG

The hotels complimentary wireless internet is available in all areas of the hotel. To access this please select the InverbegGuest network. The password is Inverbeg (password is case sensitive). We also provide internet network cable’s which can be located beside your bedroom television.

You will find an iron and ironing board located within your room.

Want to get or stay in shape? We can help. Reception can suggest running routes for you.

Sheila Fleet Jewellery
Jenners, Loch Lomond Shores.
Scotkart, Clydebank. www.scotkart.co.uk T: 01419518900

Kilt Hire
Totally Tartan Kilt Makers T: 01389 721800
Unit 18, Lomond Galleries, Main Street, Alexandria, G83 OUG
Lodge on Loch Lomond
Our sister hotel is located 3 miles south. The Lodge on Loch Lomond Hotel truly is a unique destination located on the beachfront at Luss and enjoying magnificent panoramic views over Scotland’s favourite loch.

Lodge on Loch Lomond main line – 01436 860201
We stock Midge repellent which is available for purchase at Reception. Call 499
Mountain Guides
Alan Kimber T: 01397 700451
Calluna, Heathercroft, Fort William, Inverness-Shire, PH33 6RE

The Burrell Collection T: 01412870047
Pollok Country Park, 2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow
The College of Piping T: 01413343587
16-24 Otago Street, Glasgow, G12 8JH
Gallery of Modern Art T: 01412873050
Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3AZ
Scottish Football Museum T: 01416166106
Hampden, Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9BA
Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel T: 01412872720
100 Pointhouse Rd, Glasgow, G3 9RS
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum T: 01412769599
Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AG

Glasgow Science Centre, GSC IMAX Theatre and the Glasgow Tower
T: 01414205000
50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1EA

National Park
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park T: 08453454978

Paddle Steamer
Maid of the Loch, Balloch T: 01389 711865
Sir Walter Scott, Loch Katrine T: 01877 376316
The Waverley T: 08451304647
The last sea-going paddle steamer in the world.

Paintball Alexandria T: 01389 710795
www.paintballalexandria.co.uk M: 07712440948
Our Reception is open daily from 7am – 11pm Call 499

Safari Park
Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park T: 01786 841456
Based at Stirling www.safari-park.co.uk
Sailing Boat
Rosneath Castle Park T: 01436 831391
Seaplane Excursions
Loch Lomond Seaplanes T: 01436 675030

Loch Lomond Shores, Balloch. T: 01389 722406
Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in any public area or bedroom.

Loch Lomond Taxis – Best service, Best Prices. T: 07834782250
All our room telephones have the facility of direct dial. Dial 9 for an outside line. For room to room please dial 1 in front of the room number.
International Dialling Codes
Austria 0043 Italy 00390 Spain 0034
Belgium 0032 Japan 0081 Sweden 0046
China 0086 Netherlands 0031 Switzerland 0041
Finland 00358 Norway 0047 United States 001
France 0033 Portugal 00351
Call Charges
Local/National Minimum Charge 35p
International Minimum Charge 50p
Local/National off peak 10p – peak 16p
International Rate 75p peak/off peak
(Peak rate Monday – Friday 8am-6pm)
You will find a portable fan located within your room.

Theme Park
M & D’s Scotland’s Theme Park T: 01698 333999
Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell, ML1 3RT

Contact Reception for details on the toiletries we stock. Call 499
If you require extra towels, please feel free to contact reception on 401 and a member of staff will be happy to bring these to your room for you.
Travel Route
Planning your drive for the coming day? The Reception team can provide a printout with the best route, driving time, and distance.
The West Highland Line Helensburgh Upper to Oban or Fort William.
Fares and train times T: 08457484950
Timetable Information www.firstgroup.com/scotrail

Require an umbrella? These are located at all the exits of the hotel.
For more information on the Lodge on Loch Lomond, special offer breaks or to book your next visit, see our website. www.innonlochlomond.co.uk
For the most romantic wedding imaginable, our sister hotel The Lodge on Loch Lomond (located 3 miles South) has two wedding suites accommodating up to 150 guests and we provide a variety of flexible wedding packages – Contact Reception or our Events Team for a show round or further information.
Call 499 or our Lodge Main Line to speak to one of our wedding coordinators - 01436860201
Whisky Tasting
Taste 3 classic malts in the comfort of our lounge bar with one of our in-house whisky champions – ask at the bar or reception for more details.
Journey with Taste T: 07837 936108
Whiskey Tasting and Tour Experiences www.journeywithtaste.co.uk

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